By joining Temple B’rith Sholom and paying dues you are making your regular financial commitment to the temple. Your financial commitment will help maintain a center of Reform Jewish life in the heart of Springfield and ensures that we and our future generations have a place to pray, educate, celebrate and share our life cycle events.
We have an open-door policy that no family or individual will be denied religious worship for financial reasons.  Those who have modest incomes may work out special arrangements for reduced dues with the TBS Board.   As stated in the Torah, “They shall not appear before the Eternal empty-handed, but each with his own gift, according to the blessing that Eternal your God has bestowed upon you. (Deuteronomy 16:16-17).
To learn more about joining Temple B’rith Sholom, contact the chair of our Membership Committee, Kathi Holley at (217) 546-5783.  Before contacting Kathi, you may want to download the Membership Application Form. Just click HERE, fill out the form, and send it via email at or mail to Temple B’rith Sholom, ATTN: Membership Chairman, 1004-1008 South Fourth Street, Springfield, Illinois 62703.