B’rit Yisrael School & Springfield Board of Jewish Education

The Springfield Board of Jewish Education (SBJE) is a not-for-profit organization charged with the administration of our co-educational religious and Hebrew language school B’rit Yisrael.  B’rit Yisrael Religious School strives to enhance the roles played by the Temples and their families.  We practice and pass along Jewish traditions through Hebrew and Religious Studies from pre-k through 9th grade. Every child in our school benefits from its enriched environment through learning experiences that create the foundation for a strong Jewish identity and a lifetime of learning.

Based on ages of the children and limited teaching staff we have consolidated grade levels into groups of pre-school/kindergarten students, first/second grade students, third/fourth grade students and older fifth through seventh grade students. The curriculum has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on “project-based” learning. All of this—to judge from the children and parents’ feedback—has been achieved with great success.

The B’rit Yisrael school year goes from September-May. During these months, Hebrew classes are conducted on Sunday’s 10:00 – 11:00 am.   Religious School classes meet on scheduled Sunday’s from 11:00 am to 12:00 Noon.

SBJE Mailing Address and Contact Information:
1004 South 4th Street
Springfield, IL 62703
Email:  B’rit Yisrael@yahoo.com
SBJE President:
Sharon Snyder
B’rit Yisrael Administrator
Chuck Faingold
Phone: 217-494-1095